Why does my business need a web presence?

A web site is open for business 24 hours a day. Your customers can learn about you and your business without ever needing to give you a phone call. When you are closed you are still open for business. You can make sales online or communicate via email with your current or potential customers.

Why do people come to your web site?

Information! Web site functionality and navigation are key. If your customers don't find the information they need they won't stick around. That means no sale or other benefits you were looking for when you built your web page.

A web page needs to satisfy your customers desire for information or solve their problem. If someone else does it better than you, that's were the money will go as well.

Four seconds: That's how long you have to sell yourself!

If your customer hasn't figured out who you are, in that amount of time, then your site has failed and they will move on.

 How should my site be built?

Most of today's web site are built using a content management system (CMS). This allows use of the most current and most reliable web tools available for building a web site that meets these standards:

  • Easily updated by anyone from any computer
  • Flexes to fit any screen
  • Can be given a fresh look without re-entering all the data
  • Search engine friendly

Most of our sites utilize the Joomla CMS. Other systems used are Wordpress (web sites or blogs) as well as plain HTML for a basic, static web site. If you have a current free hosted web site, it can most likely be moved to your own paid host site giving you added flexibility.